Why Should Patients Choose Dental Implants?

For patients who are missing teeth, dental implants are one of the ideal ways to restore the appearance and functionality of the mouth. Those in the Leland and Wilmington area who are seeking dental implants should consult the services of Dr. Austin at his practice, Austin Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery in the Leland and Wilmington area. By providing each and every patient with personalized care, a one-on-one consult with the implant coordinator, and the choice of three different implant brands, Dr. Austin is one of the area’s ideal choices for safe and affordable dental implants.

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Dental Implants Advantages

Patients from the Leland and Wilmington area with missing teeth have a wide range of options at their disposal. Dentures can provide a full arch of teeth without the need for any painful procedures, while crowns and bridges provide a quick and easy replacement that can be installed in minutes. So why go through the hassle of having implants surgically placed?

In truth, there are many reasons why patients in the Leland and Wilmington areas should choose dental implants over these other options.

1. Dental Implants Prevent Bone Loss

The jawbone holds natural teeth in place, providing a stable base for the tooth root. After a tooth is lost and the root is removed from the jaw, the jaw naturally starts to deteriorate, as it no longer needs to hold anything in place. Over time, this can produce cosmetic defects that can alter a person’s appearance.
For example, if the lost tooth is in the front of the mouth where the jawbone is thinner, it quickly creates a visible recession of bone and gums, even if a false tooth is attached via a bridge. The defect can be even worse when teeth are missing in the back of the mouth, as the deterioration of bone tissue can collapse the bite and make the mouth start to droop down. If a patient is unlucky enough to lose all of their teeth, they’ll eventually notice wrinkled lips, sagging muscles, and a deformed facial profile.
Dental implants are the solution to all these problems, as they offer a viable replacement for the tooth root. At his Leland and Wilmington office, Dr. Austin will screw them into the same place the natural roots were, preventing the bone from reabsorbing into the body. Over time, the jawbone will even grow around the implant, holding it securely in place and preventing the patient from future cosmetic defects.

2. Dental Implants Keep Existing Teeth Healthy

While crowns and bridges are a good method of replacing lost teeth, they have one major downfall. They require adjacent teeth to be trimmed down in order to fit the bridge or crown into place. By removing the enamel of healthy teeth, it leaves them exposed to bacteria, which can eventually make their way underneath the bridge or crown and start causing decay.
What’s more, by using existing teeth to support missing teeth, it puts too much stress on the one supporting tooth. It has to bear the force of all the missing teeth at once, which can eventually cause damage.
With dental implants, patients do not have to worry about harming their healthy teeth. Because the replacement crown is entirely supported by the implant, surrounding teeth will not have to be shaved down or harmed in any way.

3. Dental Implants Have Amazing Success Rates

The American Dental Association estimates that bridges last an average of 10.1 years and partial dentures last three to five years. Dental implants, on the other hand, are crafted to last a lifetime. They essentially become a brand-new tooth and can last upward of 50 years with proper care and maintenance.
In addition to this longevity, dental implants also rarely fail. The long-term success rate is 95 to 98 percent for the average patient, while bridges only have an 85 percent success rate at 10 years and a 67 percent success rate at 15 years after the initial procedure. To put it simply, dental implants are the most effective tooth replacement solution currently available to patients in the Leland and Wilmington area.

4. Dental Implants Are Cost-Effective

Some Leland and Wilmington patients are scared away from dental implants because they are afraid they cost too much. However, when factoring in the cost of multiple bridges and required dental work for decay caused by said bridges, the numbers become far clearer. While dental implants may cost more upfront, they will provide long-term cost savings compared to the financial drain that comes with bridges, dentures, and crowns.

Great staff, very friendly. They do whatever they can to make you feel comfortable. Excellent Oral Surgeon! I’d recommend Dr. Austin to anyone!!

– Wendy H.

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Why Choose an Experienced Oral Surgeon for Dental Implants

While it is possible for a non-specialist (such as a general dentist) to perform dental implants, it is not advisable because of the increased risk of implant failure. In a study published in the Journal of the American Dental Association, implants failed 18.7 percent of the time when placed by a dentist, compared to a failure rate of just 2 to 3 percent with surgical specialists.

In many cases, this is not because the dentist is careless or unskilled, but rather, it’s because they don’t have the training required to handle complications that can arise from implant surgery. Both general dentists and oral surgeons attend dental school. While a dentist might begin practicing shortly after graduation, an oral surgeon instead spends at least four years training in surgical procedures in a hospital-based residency. During this time, they see a wide range of patients, get to perform all kinds of procedures, and treat a number of complications.

With this experience, oral surgeons can place the implant right the first time. This eliminates the need to ever repair or redo an implant because of failure, greatly reducing the financial burden and discomfort for the patient.

Why You Should Choose Dr. Austin for

Dental Implants in Leland & Wilmington

With many years of experience, Dr. Austin has helped many patients achieve the smile of their dreams with dental implants. He’s a highly qualified oral surgeon who always puts the patient first.

Learn more about his methods and how dental implants can change your life by calling our office in the Leland and Wilmington area today at (910) 769-1605 or contacting us online!
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